Our Mission

 About Us

Our Mission

To provide quality blood components to veterinarians, as a treatment aid in their clinical practice, following inhouse good practice and strict quality criteria guided by protocols used in human medicine.

To provide a significant platform connecting donor animals and critical patients in veterinary clinics and hospitals who require blood transfusions.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the most qualified national and international Association in transfusion medicine in the veterinary industry, and within the development and investigation of new blood components and transfusion methods necessary to improve the effectiveness and quality of veterinary hemotherapy.

Our Values

We want BSA to always maintain the respectable name, credibility and reliability of products and our services available, in such a way that it always remains a respected Animal Health Institution without any blemishes in its operation.

Our Commitments

To work relentlessly to ensure that all transfusions are performed with safe blood components, that are free from infectious agents, thus ensuring the provision of the best medical care.

To pursue the continuous optimisation of resources, to consolidate and ensure that the quality of our services provided to veterinarians and owners of our donors is recognised.

To sustain continuous personal development, to ensure the most recent scientific research is applied to our protocols and the most advanced knowledge is always available to our team members. To perform all activities in accordance with strict quality requirements, continuously seeking improvement and focusing on the satisfaction of our customers?

The BSA GROUP accomplish their Mission, pursues their Vision, guarantees their Values, and fulfils their Commitments, ensuring the below:

• The implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System, in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001 Standard;

• Compliance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001 in addition to the appropriate legal obligations and other principles and necessities of good manufacturing practice;

• Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices for Veterinary Medicines, according to Ordinance No. 1048/2008.