What sets us apart?

 About Us

Quality certificate

BSA has a Quality System certified by Bureau Veritas. This is an extremely demanding quality certification, which allows, among other things: protocols control, strict management of suppliers and customers, and unprecedented product traceability.

Scientific Rigor

The BSA was founded with the intention of developing transfusion medicine in animals by promoting training, research, and the dissemination of knowledge. We practice transfusion medicine based on scientific evidence, with several publications that support our work.

Demanding Protocols

We produce safe and quality blood components, following protocols that meet the standards and requirements of the European Council for Human Blood Banks

Specialized Laboratories

Laboratories specifically designed and equipped to produce blood components, following best practice in the production of blood components and ensuring compliance with the ISO 9001 quality standard. The highly specialised technical teams ensure excellence and rigor in all procedures up to the release of units for transfusion.

Animal Welfare - Cat Friendly

Commitment to animal welfare is perpetual. Our donors are an example of kindness and altruism. Their well-being has always been the foremost priority of our team and is safeguarded by the implementation of protocols carefully reviewed and scrutinized by the International Society of Feline Medicine. The Cat Friendly certification is a great example of our commitment, confirming that our team, rooms, equipment, and processes are developed to provide the best care to our donors and guarantee their well-being during donations.

Donor Selection

All BSA donors are selflessly and independently enrolled by their owners. A detailed ‘Donor Selection and Evaluation Protocol’ guarantees the safety of blood donations for our donors and for transfused patients. Check out the selection criteria here. BSA guarantees the vaccination and parasiticide treatment (endo and ectoparasites) of all blood donors, in addition to performing regular blood tests (complete blood count, biochemical analysis and an infectious agent screening). All these results are available and fully accessible to owners or vets via the online ‘reserved area’.

Unit Testing – Infectious screening

In all blood donations, screening for infectious agents is performed according to the ACVIM Consensus Statement. This is, without a doubt, a huge asset compared to the usual veterinary blood testing protocols. There are several agents tested by PCR and Serology: Ehrlichia spp, Anaplasma spp, Babesia spp, Leishmania spp, Brucella canis and Dirofilaria immitis in all canine units; FIV, FeLV RNA, FeLV Provirus, Hemotropic Mycoplasma and Bartonella henselae in all feline units.

Leukodepletion of canine FBs

All canine Red Blood Cell Concentrate units are leukocyte-free, in order to reduce the risk of transfusion reactions, the risk of transmission of infectious agents and the percentage of haemolysis during storage. The use of leukocytosis filters is essential for the superior quality of these components, following the guidelines of Human Blood Banks.

Strict Quality Control

We follow strict quality controls on our products which include, for example, bacteriological haemocultures, analysis of haemoglobin concentration, haematocrit, and haemolysis percentage in Red Blood Cell Concentrate units. Plasmas and platelet concentrate also have specific quality analyses, which guarantee the consistency of their composition and their efficacy.

Range of products

We ensure a permanent stock of various blood components, including Red Cell Concentrate and Feline Plasma from the 3 Blood Groups (A, B and AB), but also Platelet Concentrate, Cryoprecipitate and Canine Platelet Gel. New products are being prepared such as plasma presentations for ocular application or Freeze-Dried Plasma.

Deep freezing

At BSA, the freezing process of the Plasma, Cryoprecipitate, Cryosupernatant and Platelet Gel units is always performed through deep freezing at -80⁰C, which prevents the formation of crystals; guaranteeing the maintenance of the therapeutic properties of the proteins and cells stored.

24 Hours - Fast Access

Our national and international transport services allow, in most cases, fast deliveries the morning after the order is placed. In addition, in the region of our laboratories, we ensure immediate transportation which is dedicated on the same day. Alternatively, there are veterinary practices that stock BSA units, and these practices can make the units available to other veterinary practices for urgent collection.

Controlled cold chain

Being crucial for the quality assurance of blood components, the BSA permanently monitor the storage facilities of blood components through permanent dataloggers with integrated alarm systems. In addition, the cold chain is guaranteed during transport, where cold boxes and accumulators are used with tested configurations and adapted to specific needs (refrigerated vs frozen products; summer vs winter; 24-48h vs 72-96h transport).

International Experience

The BSA Group currently consist of three Blood Banks – the Animal Blood Bank in Portugal, the Animal Blood Bank in Spain, and the Animal Blood Bank Benelux in Belgium. The continuous distribution of knowledge and experiences enhances our work and allows us to take the BSA mission around the world, helping more and more animals involved in a unique and timeless spirit of solidarity.

Experienced team

With 11 years of experience, BSA has a multidisciplinary team of more than 40 extremely motivated, rigorous, and determined employees. The magnitude of learning and expertise allows us to assist all needs. For instance, being able to assist critically ill patients who need urgent transfusions, to those with rarer blood groups, and to those who need extensive transfusions in a short period of time or have special blood compatibility needs.

Online management system

This website has a private administration area, where all the upkeep and management of our donors, owners, clinics, blood units, analyses and suppliers take place. It is a specialised system created by BSA that guarantees traceability of all products 24/7.

24/7 assistance

We offer 24-hour telephone support. We offer guidance through the transfusion process so that it is carried out safely and effectively.

BSANIMAL Application

We have a free App for iPhone and Android devices. In order to help the transfusion process, we have developed an App where you can confirm protocols, volumes and administration speeds for each blood component, or discover the most common transfusion reactions. It also allows access to a Hemocalculator, which automatically calculates volumes and administration rates, according to the patient's species and weight.